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believe should try and invest with cmb and the results will surface. Twenty days ago I asked for a refund of 900.00, I did everything that was required, but since then it has been a grave silence. Translated by Google: If you want to come to your invested money no one answers. Ayuda Hola yo di 3000 a la broker Elsa Rodrguez, alguien sabe de ella, le mando mensaje pero no me contesta, llamo por teléfono atencin al cliente y siempre comunica, estoy desesperada, me podéis ayudar, gracias. I think we must contact interpol for assistance. At the first contact the second account manager ask you more money to be able to acced to one of this projects. I watched the CMB metatrader4 platform and saw my initial investment go up to 409.07euros over a 2 week period, then I got another phone call asking me to invest more 2000 euros more I said "no. Ich denke mir, daß man sich seiner Gier bewußt und sein sauer verdientes Geld zusammen sein sollte. I waited for 2 month for my money. Folge von "Frauentausch einem Doku-Soap-Format auf RTL. There has to be something rotten.

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These characterless criminals should be named on Facebook by name so that many people learn the machinations with which people are being cheated. The CMB has not only received a very negative review on the internet. Bei der Gelegenheit wurde Nicht-Freaks gleich auch bewusst, wie viel Geld sich damit hätte verdienen lassen:Insgesamt ist die Anmeldung nicht anders, als auf anderen Webseiten oder Onlineshops. Betrüger Herr Broker David Hofman Auch ich bin reigelegt worden mit 2000. If only I could get my hands on these guys I would hurt you to the core of every single one of this gang CMB. Besides that i do already have an account with 4000,00 euro and the trades provided by Mr John Mayer are now 2 weeks in the red ( only losing ) How can i get my money back? But that is not all.

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