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Litecoin bip9

litecoin bip9

explicitly. On that network, miners have been hesitant to support the change for technical and political reasons, and as such, users have been calling to test the technology on litecoin as a way to determine whether concerns are valid. BIP 130 This BIP adds a new message, sendheaders, which indicates that a node prefers to receive new block announcements via a headers message rather than an inv. BIP 143 : Transaction Signature Verification for Version 0 Witness Program as.13.0 ( forex d'or ou PR 8149 ) and defined for mainnet as.13.1 ( PR 8937 ). SegWit has been at the heart of bitcoins scaling debate since it was first proposed at the end of 2015. BIP 133 : feefilter messages are respected and sent for peer versions 70013 as.13.0 ( PR 7542 ). BIP 37 : The bloom filtering for transaction relaying, partial Merkle trees for blocks, and the protocol version bump to 70001 (enabling low-bandwidth SPV clients) has been implemented since.8.0 ( PR #1795 ). Litecoin.13 will obfuscate the blockchain data to rid these false positives. He further suggested that, if SegWit proves to be safe, it will put more pressure on bitcoin mining pools to adopt the change. Command Result "result "chain "main "blocks 572754, "headers 572754, "bestblockhash " bb09a6e841e11a988f64af7f3b8c8c eebc "difficulty.983, "mediantime, "verificationprogress., "initialblockdownload false, "chainwork " ecb17bdaef6fa064ce689f "size_on_disk, "pruned false, "softforks "id "bip34 "version 2, "reject "status true, "id "bip66 "version 3, "reject "status true, "id "bip65. BIP 32 : Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets has been implemented since.13.0 ( PR #8035 ). Mempool-only cltv was added in PR #6124.

BIP 34 : The rule that requires blocks to contain their height (number) in the coinbase input, and the introduction of version 2 blocks has been implemented since.7.0. The median of the last 11 blocks is used instead of the blocks timestamp, ensuring that it increases monotonically with each block. The rule took effect for version 2 blocks as of block bitcoin cash 224413 (March 5th 2013 and version 1 blocks are no longer allowed since block 227931 (March 25th 2013) ( PR #1526 ). Even mining firms that staunchly oppose SegWit on bitcoin (ViaBTC and Bitmain) have indicated they plan to continue to support the plan. BIP 21 : The URI format for Bitcoin payments has been implemented since.6.0 pR #176 ).

The Litecoin Core developers aim to have this version released by September/October. Command: getblockchaininfo, notes: The getblockchaininfo, rPC provides information about the current state of the block chain.