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Now, before you trade any currencies, remember that, many new comers in this business lose lot of money and they learn this business…..
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Forex candle close ea

forex candle close ea

With the very strict criteria implemented into FX Candle Predictor, it means you get. The expert advisor shall enter at the candle open, and exit at the candle close. Support: If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us: m - or alternatively use the contact form above. This winning ratio is something truly spectacular, which no other indicator can match, giving you an amazing edge. The indicator will usually generate an average of 2 to 3 signals per month. Whilst this might not seem like a lot of signals, remember it's the accuracy of the signals that's important, not the quantity. Holding their position for approximately five minutes.

forex candle close ea

Attached you have an EA which you need to compile before testing.
Sorry for unprofessional code.
There is this problem with the EA that whenever whipsaw happens the order is closed due to SL, and.
Forex breakout EA : A breakout method can supplement other trading patterns and offer diversification.
Big breakouts are occasion driven in that they regularly show up around the release of critical.

M5 Timeframe, the FX Candle Predictor is designed for the M5 timeframe, thus informing the trader in which direction the next candlestick / bar shall likely close. And yes, these are exact trades you will see on your charts. Please allow a few hours for delivery of your software post purchase, depending upon standard security checks. How you use this information is up to you. Can I receive alerts on my iPhone or Android smartphone? What is the winning ratio of the FX Candle Predictor? How much does the FX Candle Predictor cost? Ultimately, the key question that our unique software aims to predict is: IN which direction shall THE next candle close? Price / subscription is subject to change at any time. . / / 4/8/2007 4 / Copyright 2005, Unknown Software Corp. If, after testing the FX Candle Predictor for at least six months, it doesn't hit at least a 2:1 winning ratio (i.e.